A service and animation project in memory of my younger brother.

A Time to Search

February 25

My younger brother, Christian, went missing on Saturday, February 25, 2017.

Dad, his girlfriend Julie, me and my girlfriend Grace had all decided to go to the Troy Farmers Market that Saturday morning to enjoy a day outside. Normally one does not go "enjoy a day outside" in February because the Northeast is typically grey, damp and slushy, but this particular Saturday was a gem not to be wasted. Sunny and in the mid-80's, we felt obligated to spend time outdoors.


Christian lived in Troy as well, and we met up with him at the Farmers Market to wander through various booths and shops. We took our time eating lunch together. During lunch, the skies began to cloud over, so Dad, Julie, Grace and I left for home while Christian left for the nearby Poestenkill Gorge to walk around on the trails.

Three days passed.

On Tuesday, February 28, Dad and I got back late at around 10:00 pm after helping out at a pancake supper, and proceeded to get ready for bed. I went upstairs and Dad checked the messages, to find one left by Christian's boss at Ayco. His boss tried to veil her concern and informed us Christian had been absent from work the past two days, unannounced, which was very out of character for him.

This message began the longest night of our lives.

After calling Christian's roommates, Zach and Will, who had begun to piece together that something was wrong, Dad and I rushed to Troy together. I drove while dad called Mom to tell her Christian was missing and that his roommates had not heard from him since Saturday.


As we were checking local hospitals, Mom gave us a call at 11:30 pm. She said there was a story online about a young man climbing in the gorge around 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon. He had fallen in the turbulent, runoff-swollen stream and had not been found yet. The police diving force had been searching diligently since then.

Christian Rohr; my brother

1991 - 2017

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About A Time to Search

On the morning of April 22nd, Christian’s body was found near the docks of a yacht club in Albany. His funeral was held on May 13th and brought together hundreds of loved ones, which was an incredible blessing. We have received closure with respect to his death, but the closure of losing his life will be a continual process that spans the rest of our lives.
Increasingly, service of others defines me. Through our family’s loss, I have realized a need to discuss death, loss and struggle that is not being met right now. I do not have the antidote, but I am directing my efforts to work on a project I hope will bring some peace to others in quiet grief.
This project is an animated show: a series of seven episodes which detail the first hours we found out my brother was missing. It will be produced with those people in mind who may be in desperate circumstances or who have suffered great loss. While tragedy cannot always be explained, I firmly believe hope can be found if we search for it with faith. This search for hope is the foundation of my project, and I am proud to announce:

A Time to Search

I have currently drafted the first episode’s script and am at work on successive episodes. Please look at Specific Missions for further information on A Time to Search and other ministries I am a part of.

Events + Recent Posts

Listed here are upcoming events and occasional blog updates about this mission year. Feel free to come attend a service or volunteer at Oaks!

Jun 07, 2017

Volunteer at Oaks!

Volunteer on Wednesdays at Oaks of Righteousness! We set up at 3:30, have open-doors hours from 4 - 6, and then Bible study with the kids from 6 - 7:30. We make food, hang out, play games, have fun.

3027 6th Ave, Troy, NY 12180

Jun 26, 2017

Northern Ireland Mission Trip

I will be the male leader on the 2017 Northern Ireland Youth Mission Trip. Five leaders including myself and 20 teens will be in Northern Ireland from June 26 to July 9 serving others in a variety of ways.

Jun 30, 2017

8:00 PM

Kabode Underground in Troy

Shannon and I will be away in Ireland this one so Hannah Mudge will lead Taizé worship for June's Kabode Underground. She is a talented musician and is intent on seeking God's will in her life, her service and her worship. Get a song ready, too, and perform at the Open Mic if you're feeling it!

3027 6th Ave, Troy, NY 12180

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