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Just prior to Christian’s accident, I was intent on finding an architecture job. After several interviews, but no luck, I began to consider possible employment in connected fields such as construction, carpentry, set design. My job search then broadened for a few months to include other architecture-related fields, until the Tuesday night we got the message about Christian’s absence from work.


This has unraveled me. I have never experienced an earthquake, but I am sure this is life’s seismic equivalent: eight to nine magnitude, catastrophic class. There is no way I can return to my life before his accident. If I can lose the one thing in the world which I hold most dear, what, then, is my foundation?


With this loss, my foundation is faith. Faith cannot be lost, it cannot be destroyed – even if I die, nothing can kill my faith just as nothing can kill my God. I only lose faith when I choose to turn away from it. The question now becomes: if I have faith in a God who has conquered even death, how can I properly live into something so immense and so good? My dedications in A Time to Search are how I am trying to live that faith.





$43,000 is a lot of money to raise. Yet I know that an incredible community exists out in the world, and I know for the hundreds who attended Christian’s funeral service, there are certainly thousands more praying. We are grateful for all of you, because in deep sadness you have sustained us with your love.


I am a creative person seeking to use the talents I have been given, to find hope in trial and to give that hope to others. If you find value in this mission and would like to donate, I am grateful for your contributions. Whether or not you can give at this time, please support me in prayer. I am crazy excited about how God is going to use A Time to Search and The First 24 Hours. As these missions unfold and more people get involved, I can only imagine how God will unite people through this project of hope.

  Christian and Mom, Fall 2014  

  Christian and Dad, Summer 2016  

  Me and my little brother at his  

  college graduation in 2016  

Christian and I were two years apart – he was 25 at the time of his death, and I was 27. Our relationship is nicely summed up in a story from our childhood that mom likes to tell:

It was my first day of school, the first day I was not home with mom and Christian. I was five and at the time we lived in West Virginia. When Christian woke up to find me absent from the breakfast table, he cheerfully asked “Mom, where’s Alex?” and Mom replied “Honey, he’s not here today - he had to go to school.” Bereft, Christian wailed “But he’s my best friend!”

It took some time, but around age 11 I finally realized that a brother was, in fact, an awesome thing to be. When we were together, we could always find a way to be goofy and playful: we could craft fun from the world and he understood me so freaking well. A life without Christian simply never crossed my mind – he was my best friend. In his stark absence, I know how three-year-old Christian felt that day.


I want to my life to be defined by this faith I have. Currently, the missions included in A Time to Search are the extent of how I can act, in faith that God will provide for the parts of this project that are out of my control. Fund raising is hard, animation is hard, explaining a vision so that others understand your passion is hard. I would set this down if not for the urgency I feel to live into this faith, and the desire I feel to find good in such bad circumstances. Right now, I could die tomorrow - and if I did, I would be satisfied - because while this year of service never would have started, I made every human effort to try.

About my brother and me

Hi, my name is Alex Rohr - Christian was my younger brother.
I graduated from RPI in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and have alternated spells where I have had temporary full-time jobs to earn money and where I have had no job, to allow me to search for architecture jobs. While I never could strike a satisfying balance of the two poles, I have acquired an exceedingly unique skill set: if you ever need a burrito-rolling, taxi-driving, music-inclined sports instructor to run a Bible study, I am most certainly your man.

  I am on the left, Christian on the right  

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