Mohawk Hudson Marathon

In mid-April, I wrapped up a Wednesday volunteering at Oaks of Righteousness and decided to stop by one of my favorite restaurants in Troy: Sunhee's Farm + Kitchen. Sunhee's serves authentic Korean food that I find irresistible - I try to drop by once a month to eat and support them. As a result, I have also become friends with the owner, Jinah.

While catching up that Wednesday night, Jinah mentioned she was doing a marathon in October and invited me to

join her and a some other people she was running it with.

It had been a few weeks since Christian went missing and I had reached a state where I wanted to delve into a hard, strenuous challenge. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to test myself and also to give back to the community of Troy.

Jinah's goal is to raise $1,000 for each person running with the Sunhee's group. This money will help provide immigrants with technology so they can access information necessary to their livelihood.

Want to be a part?

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